Personal data processing. General Norms.

MENKES is the company responsible for the websites:, , y, to which you have accessed, and informs that the automatic o treatment of the personal data is being regulated by the resolution of the “Ley Organica 15/1999”(Organic Law 15/1999) of December 13th for the protection of data of personal nature, and law 34/2002 or LSSI.

In consequence, MENKES informs in a precise and unequivocal manner, the following points:

1. Data of personal nature supplied by users on the different forms presented on the websites, will be operated and incorporated on the operating indexes from MENKES. Additionally, information obtained as a consequence of navigating on MENKES administered websites, for search, application, or service uses, will also be incorporated on MENKES operating indexes.

2. MENKES will use your personal information for the following purposes:
2.1. To inform users about new products that could be of their interest.
2.2. For all those other purposes that could be in the user’s interest or benefit. The users will be promptly informed via email, or by the actual websites.

3. The recipient of the information received through MENKES websites, will be the MENKES itself, as well as those professionals with which the users establish or request actual communication.

4. MENKES informs users that the requested information on forms will be significantly limited by MENKES given the importance of users’ privacy. Thus, when any of the services offered by MENKES require users’ personal information, only the indispensable information will be requested. Furthermore, users can submit additional information, if they decide to, to improve the mentioned services.

5. All the information shared with MENKES will be kept under the strictest standards of security and confidentiality. Access will only be granted to authorized employees, given their training for the adequate management of users information. There will not be any information revealed to any public or private entity, unless the user was previously informed , has given an authorization to do so or it is appropriate to comply with the law. There will always be control on the confidentiality of the users’ information. However, MENKES could share this information with companies affiliated with services that MENKES proposes. None of these companies will be able to keep or use this information, unless the user approves it; we will demand that these companies comply with our security and privacy standards, and we will be able to audit the fulfillment of these standards.

6. MENKES notifies users that they have the possibility of exercising their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, in terms of a valid legislation. To exert (exercise) these rights, users can directly communicate with MENKES using the following email address:; using the response system on the websites; or through the dispatch of a certified letter, with a photocopy of a pictured identification to the following address: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 646, 08007. Barcelona, Spain. You could also use these ways to express any doubt, or suggestion related to MENKES. MENKES will try to keep the files complete, updated, and accurate. In addition, users will be notified if there’s an error, and it will be adjusted as soon as possible.
7. The use of the websites is not permitted to persons under 18, since MENKES cannot take responsibility of the treatment of the information of minors. Consequently, parents or legal representatives need to authorize the minor to access this portal.

8. MENKES, is responsible for the mail and its treatment at the following address: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 646, 08007. Barcelona, Spain.

The user of any of the websites managed by MENKES, by inscribing and accepting the present conditions, is granting express and unequivocal consent to use their information for the purposes already specified, as established on articles 6 and 11 of the “Ley Organica 15/1999”(Organic Law) of December 13th for the protection of data of personal nature. The client will be able to modify or revoke the already given consent, at any time. For this, he would have to direct it to the address named above. Your request will be properly attended by MENKES, without producing any retroactive effects.