About us Menkes Flamenco

Since 1950 MENKES Fashion House have made an obligatory point of reference for flamenco customs and shoes.

The quality of our flamenco costumes and shoes, endorsed by fifty years experience in the theatrical scenery world, have crossed frontiers and have delighted prestigious international stars and companies.

In this age in which, due to the influence of computerized design, practically every field is dominated by highly technical, mass production, within its sector MENKES defends the values that have forged its reputation.

In order to meet the demands of an ever-increasing international clientele, MENKES has adopted the very latest technologies, placing these at the disposal of its philosophy of traditional craftsmanship, which has guaranteed the quality and strength of all its products over the course of fifty years.

Faithful to its origins, MENKES is still a family business that is devoted to its passion and determined to safeguard its finest assets: its pride in a work well done and the respect of its clients, both at home and abroad.